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Trust Strategy

During 2015/16, the Board of Directors (the Board) reviewed the strategy and engaged with staff across the Trust in respect of our values and our mission. The strategic aims of the organisation continue to be to:

  • drive up quality and continue to deliver high quality care;
  • work with partners to deliver integrated care; and
  • increase services provided to ensure clinical and financial sustainability.

Our overarching vision is to deliver ‘Excellence Every Time’. This will be achieved by continuing to work with our partners, through alliances and networks, developing more integrated services closer to home and expanding our catchment population into Leeds and North Yorkshire. A strong focus on organisational culture and the philosophy of ‘You Matter Most’ is the bedrock of that ambition. The Trust will continue to pursue the opportunities of vertical integration, and also use its existing clinical networks as the starting point for horizontal integration, where this makes sense.

Our strategy is therefore clearly in line with National Sustainability and Transformation Plans and the commissioning intentions of our main commissioners. It has been developed through discussion and collaboration with each organisation. The Trust is now actively engaged with local commissioning groups to implement the strategy, with a view to introducing different models of care across the health community. To support the achievement of our strategy, the Trust has agreed its goals, following consultation with staff and stakeholders. These are:

  • to place patients/people who use our services at the centre of decision making;
  • to support and engage with staff;
  • to use resources carefully;
  • to plan for the future; and
  • use information to drive resilience, model future demand and manage risk proactively.
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